Road Barrier

Poly Emirates Road Barriers are perfect for traffic or crowd management. they are light-weighted, easy to transport, impact resistant & offer a unique interlocking system extending through the entire barrier to provide a secure locking.

More Reasons to choose POLY EMIRATES Road Barriers

  • Superior design For long life
  • High impact resistance, non-fading
  • Unique double wall structure
  • Maintenance free
  • Clear channeling in hazardous areas
  • Highly visible around workzones

Safety & Benefits

  • Light-weighted, rugged and UV stabilized polyethylene
  • Long term fade resistant
  • Maintenance free polyethylene
  • No additional hardware or heavy equipment's required
  • Modulded lifting lugs and forklift holes for easy handling
  • Deployable by one person



Made of high quality polyethylene. An ULtraviolet light (U.V.stabilizer) inhibitor is introduced into the raw material mix to provide protection of the material in outside weather conditions.

Light Weight

Can be handled without crane and is safe on loading and unloading.


Male/Female Interlock on both ends gives rigidity and stability on ground

Forklift Accessible

Each unit has two wide forklift slots.

Color Available

White, Red, Orange and any other color on request.


Metric Imperial
Overall length 2.0m 78.7"
Overall height 0.80m/1.0m 31.5"/39.4"
Overall base 0.60m 23.6"
Weight, empty 25kg/28kg/30kg/38kg 55.1/61.7/66.1/83.7 lbs
Water entry 75mm Dia 3" Dia
Water exit 40mm Dia 1 1/4" Dia

Barriers in Function


  • Traffic Rerouting
  • Temporary Road Closures
  • Sidewalk Detours
  • Public Works projects
  • Building Construction Zone
  • Sports or Special Events
  • Parkades/Parking Lots
  • Airports, Air/Groundside
  • Ferry Terminals
Poly Emirates Barriers CONCRETE BARRIER
PE BARRIERS is Designed to stop vehicle or slide it down the barrier, absorbing energy and saving lives. The concrete barrier is designed in such a way as to ramp a vehicle back into the lane it come from. in most cases this causes the operator to lose control.
PE BARRIERSWill remain intact with no breakage, crumbling or tearing apart. The U.V. protection prevents crumbling. When incurring a severe impact, the concrete barrier will break. Gradually the concrete will begin to crumble.
PE BARRIERS can be easily moved and placed by two labours or a skid steer Moving and placing the concrete barrier requires a crane or other heavy equipment.
PE BARRIERS can be transported with a pickup or a trailer. A tractor trailer is required to transport 9 - 12 units.
PE BARRIERS can be ordered in your choice of colors. Concrete Barriers are gray, or require regular painting.